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World Day of Remembrance

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) is held every year on the third Sunday of November. It is a day which focuses on the individual devastation and the overall scale caused by road deaths and injuries and the impact upon families and communities.

This World Day was initiated in 1993 in the UK by RoadPeace Founder, Brigitte Chaudhry, as a response to road crash victims' need for the same public recognition that is given to victims of other crimes, disasters and wars. In 2005, the United Nations called on all member states to adopt this day. The UN wanted to remind governments and society of their responsibilities to make road-use safer.  WDR is now observed in countries in every continent of the world.

It is also a day to recognise the work of those involved in the aftermath of a crash - the emergency services, health professionals, support organisations and counsellors.

In the UK, World Day of Remembrance events are coordinated by RoadPeace. More information is available from RoadPeace and World Day of Remembrance