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This is an internet memorial site to remember those who have lost their life in a road crash.

It is brought to you by RoadPeace, the UK charity that supports people with information, emotional support and advocacy when their lives are suddenly shattered because of a road crash. More information about the work of RoadPeace and the services that it provides to road crash victims is available here.

This memorial site provides individuals, families, friends and communities with the opportunity to remember people killed on the road. The memorials and tributes that are placed here hold significant personal and collective meaning. This site vividly represents the devastation that a road death has for individuals and society as a whole.

The nature of this internet site means that the memorials and tributes created here will reach others. They can be shared with your family, friends and among groups and communities to which you belong. There is no geographical limitation, giving people chance to join in remembrance no matter where they are in the world.

The internet memorial site enables you to:

  • Create a memorial of remembrance
  • Add a personal tribute to an existing memorial
  • Search for and read existing memorials or tributes
  • Learn about other ways that road crash victims are remembered

Using the service

To create a memorial or tribute you will need to set up a personal account but this is a quick and simple task. It is a necessary precaution to safeguard the information that you provide.

To read a memorial or tribute no account is required. Simply search using information that you know about the the person remembered or the incident.

If you are remembering more than one person you will need to create a memorial for each person.

When you have submitted your memorial or tribute you will not be able to see it on the memorial site straight away.  All content will be reviewed before being available and this may take a few days.  See terms of use for more information.

If you encounter any difficulties using this site or have any comments please contact RoadPeace.

Memorials map

You can search for memorials by location of crash using our memorials map. Once you have found the location of the memorial on the map you can click on the logo to display some basic information about the memorial or click through to the full memorial

Help to keep these memorials alive...

At the moment, the continuation of this memorial site depends entirely upon donations. If you have used this site and would like it to continue please consider making a donation. This will be made to RoadPeace, the independent charity that supports road crash victims and provides, administers and publicises this memorial si

Public remembrance

This site also provides information about other ways that victims of road crashes are remembered. Remembrance events and ceremonies are held all over the world, including in the UK, for the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in November and during August - National Road Victims month. There is also information here about public places of remembrance such as gardens, memorials stones and the RoadPeace Wood.

Roadside memorials

The Remember me memorials site has been designed to link closely to RoadPeace's roadside Remember Me plaques. For many people a tribute at the scene of the crash is an important way to mark what has happened and draw public attention to the dangers on our roads. Yet the placement and permanence of roadside memorials continues to be an issue of intense debate between the bereaved, local authorities and local communities. RoadPeace is encouraging all local authorities to create a memorial on this site in circumstances where roadside tributes are removed so that people can be remembered in a lasting way.